Total Quality Management

At Travers, quality is everyone’s responsibility. From education to quality reports to follow-up meetings, our people make the pursuit of quality and expertise their personal mission. It is what contributes to our well-defined culture and engaged workforce. Through our internal training, Executive Development Program and company quality initiatives, we bring the quality needed to create highly-functioning properties that provide optimum experiences for its entire lifecycle. To offer our customers the highest quality, we deploy teams consisting of inspectors, supervisors and foremen that cultivate interpersonal relationships with customers to guarantee success.

Better. Built in.

  • Elevated installation standards
  • Safety inspections
  • Scorecards
  • Quality-focused newsletter articles
  • Weekly quality assurance review
  • Our “Lessons Learned” Assessment

Your attention to detail and ability to communicate led to a flawless inspection. The inspector walked into the front door, spun around 360 degrees, and said “This is clean work. You guys know what you’re doing. Show me where to sign the plans, you pass.” Executed flawlessly.

-Senior Superintendent