Modigent Rounds Out Executive Leadership Team

September 28, 2023
Harnessing Innovation, Diversity and Expertise: Modigent Completes Formation of its Executive Leadership Team

PHOENIX, September 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Modigent, the pioneering force that emerged on the scene of the mechanical services and controls systems industry earlier this year, is proud to introduce its executive leadership team. Since its launch under the new brand this June, Modigent has been on a consistent growth trajectory, adding to its portfolio of operating companies and broadening its nationwide presence. This evolution is also reflected in the executive leadership team, which brings together existing members and newly added ones.

Daniel Bueschel, Chief Executive Officer of Modigent, brings over three decades of leadership experience in both publicly traded and privately held companies. With a visionary outlook, Bueschel is at the helm of Modigent’s strategic direction, driving the company’s transformational growth.

Scott Meeker, Chief Operating Officer, boasts a track record of over 20 years of successful leadership in the mechanical industry. His extensive executive experience, spanning both publicly traded and private equity-backed organizations, positions him as a pivotal figure in Modigent’s operational advancement.

Susana Sala, Chief People Officer, heads Modigent’s human resources function, ensuring a thriving and inclusive work environment for all employees. With a distinguished international career, including roles at media giants and Fortune 500 companies, Sala’s leadership is set to further strengthen Modigent’s people and culture.

William Markley, Chief Financial Officer, leverages more than 30 years of leadership and mergers and acquisitions experience across diverse industries including construction, architecture, engineering services, manufacturing, and professional services. Markley’s financial acumen is poised to steer Modigent toward sustainable growth.

Ashley Welvaert, Chief Legal Officer, brings legal expertise from publicly traded and private companies in the construction and energy sectors. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the legal affairs of Modigent, encompassing risk management, workplace safety, and contracts.

Gustavo Subiela, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, brings more than 30 years of financial expertise to Modigent. He plays a key role in identifying and recommending merger and acquisition prospects, evaluating operational strategy for the deals, risk assessments, and their financial implications for the company.

Mike Finn, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and ESG, directs ongoing analysis of legislation, emerging issues, and trends to determine their potential impact on the industry. He spearheads collaboration with industry groups and organizations with complementary objectives to achieve Modigent’s growth objectives.

“The synergy of our leadership team, each member bringing a unique set of skills and experiences, positions Modigent on an exciting trajectory,” says Dan Bueschel, CEO of Modigent. “We are committed to pushing the boundaries, harnessing innovation, and cementing Modigent’s position as a frontrunner in the industry.”

Amidst this growth narrative, Modigent’s core beats with a commitment to people and community initiatives. Anchored in this ethos and driving the company’s excellence in infrastructure, technology, and energy solutions, Modigent’s leaders are seasoned industry experts, each contributing from a diverse range of backgrounds.

“Completing the formation of Modigent’s strategic leadership team marks an important milestone in realizing the company’s collective vision,” added Bueschel.

As Modigent grows and expands, so does its team. The executive leadership team is closely supported by a national leadership team, consisting of National Vice Presidents and Regional Presidents, carefully chosen for their expertise and ability to help navigate the industry’s landscape, drive company growth, bolster market share, and enhance resources and services.

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